Review United Kingdom

We have spend 11 days in the United Kingdom and visited several customers, places and landmarks. First, we took the ferry from Calais to Dover and started the tour by visiting Stonehenge. In the afternoon, we drove back to Northampton to visit the office of igus® UK.

The following day, the charity event took place in the Guildhall of Northampton. igus® UK donated 2,500 GBP to Gosset Ward. It is located within Northampton General Hospital and specialized in neonatal intensive care. After sunset, it was time for the bonfire night.

The next day, we stopped at the Angel of the North on the way to Edinburgh where a piper serenades our iglidur®-car. Unfortunately, we did not spend a lot of time in Scotland because we had appointments with customers in Manchester and Macclesfield.

Furthermore, we presented our compact car in Beaulieu during the Smart Car Rally and met a lot of people with tuned cars. Unfortunately, we did not win but could tell people about iglidur® on tour. An other exhibition took place in Birmingham called NEC where igus® had its own booth with our iglidur®-car in the middle as an eyecatcher.

Nevertheless, the highlight was London where we met the Queen. Ok, it was a look-a-like but this old lady attracted unbelievable attention. Many trourists joined us and begged to take a picture with her. We felt like bodyguards.

Finally, we spent a day in London and took the ferry to get back to Calais.


We enjoyed our trip through the United Kingdom and met a lot of new colleagues. They were very friendly, well prepared and we want to thank everybody for their great hospitality. We wish you all the best and maybe we see each other again?!

See you later,
Karl, Nils and Sandor

Pictures of the day!-218

Our last day in London!

The “iglidur® on tour”-crew on the bridge in the St. James Park.

Pictures of the day!-218The dry-tech®-box spotted the London Eye.


Pictures of the day!-218.2That’s very high but a fantastic view!


Pictures of the day!-218.3


Pictures of the day!-218.4
Probably the most popular telephone box because of its perfect touristic Location.


Pictures of the day!-218.5
Having fun on the Tower Bridge.

Picture of the day!-215

Remembrance Sunday

The 9th November was the day of the smart car rally as well as the Remembrance Sunday. The latter is held anually on the second Sunday in November “to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts” [1] because the 11th November 1918 was the end of the hostilities in the First World War. The day is marked by ceremonies in most cities, towns and villages. At 11 am a two minutes silence is held and church bells are rung.

Picture of the day!-215Moment of silence at the smart car rally.


[1], visited 11.11.14

Picture of the day!-214

On the way to the Smart car rally, we drove through the New Forest. The sun was shining and created a mist due to the frozen ground. We were on time regarding the schedule but decided to stop and enjoy this beautiful moment.

Our iglidur®-car enjoys the beautiful New Forest.

So. Don’t rush through life. Stop and enjoy the moment!



Mit der Unterstützung des Bürgermeisters von Northampton und seiner Frau, spendete igus® UK 2.500 GPB an Gosset Ward. Diese Einrichtung ist im Krankenhaus von Northampton untergebracht und auf die Versorgung von Neugeborenen spezialisiert. Sie kümmern sich um Frühchen und alle Kinder die besondere Fürsorge innerhalb der ersten Lebenstag benötigen. Spende-4igus® UK spendete 2.500 GBP an Gosset Ward.


With the help of the Mayor of Northampton and his wife, igus® UK donated 2,500 GBP to Gosset Ward. It is located within Northampton General Hospital and specialized in neonatal intensive care. They look after premature babies and babies who need close care in the first few days of their lives.

igus® UK donated 2,500 GBP to Gosset Ward.