Review Switzerland

The last country of “iglidur® on tour” through Europe in 2014 was Switzerland. It was only one week but it was packed with a lot of interesting customers, applications, landmarks and of course, an incredible press conference at the Schilthorn in Lauterbrunnen. We want to thank everybody of igus® Switzerland for their great hospitality and the trip through the country of cheese and chocolate with its beautiful hilly landscape.

Hopefully, we see us again?!
Karl, Nils and Sandor

Application – Schwab Verkehrstechnik

“Pull and push solutions with system” is written on the signboard of the Schwab Verkehrstechnik AG, which we visited in Schaffhausen. The Swiss rail vehicle supplier stands for innovation in everything to do with couplings, buffers, and draw gears, and at which we wanted to take a closer look. The company’s success story began in 1912 with a semi-automatic coupling from the development department of the company Georg Fischer. It started production in 1914, that is exactly 100 years ago. There followed further types of couplings, before the product portfolio expanded to include buffers and draw gears in the 60s.

One of the latest developments from Schwab Verkehrstechnik is a novel, automatic traction coupling (ACC), which can be retrofitted in older types of vehicles regardless of their railcar body design. It connects the vehicles with each other mechanically, electrically and pneumatically, and replaces the screw coupling, which among other things leads to much shorter coupling and decoupling times. Another recently introduced innovation is an automatic buffer lubrication. It transfuses grease to the buffer plate without necessitating a manual relubrication over a period of up to one year. The regular lubrication reduces friction and prevents the formation of grooves on the contact surfaces. This increases the service life and saves costs.

A novel, automatic traction coupling from the company Schwab Verkehrstechnik. The small pictures from its interior show igubal® rod end bearings: There, the motion plastics® can fully exploit its vibration damping properties.

One who comes upon such ideas, of course, is also keen on the self-lubricating motion plastics® from igus®. Thus, rod end bearings of the igubal® series can be found in the coupling systems, where they provide a rigid and reliable connection. When a train is coupled, a latch turns down and a valve opens, through which compressed air is carried into a cylinder. Moreover, the connection is fixed. The iglidur® rod end bearing permits a manual decoupling by opening the valve and releasing the latch. In addition, in this application the vibration damping properties of high-performance plastic have a perfect effect.

Anwendung - Schwab VerkehrstechnikOur iglidur® mobile at the gates of the company Schwab Verkehrstechnik

The time at Schwab Verkehrstechnik was an exciting excursion for us into the world of buffers and couplings. Thanks a lot for this. We will keep in touch,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour” team

Pictures of the day!-243

Our “iglidur® on tour” through Switzerland is over. We left Luzern and drove to Germany to spend some days in the South before we have a break between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve.

Pictures of the day!-243Crossing the border to Austria

We drove 1810 km in total and spend a great week in Switzerland. The review will reveal the highlights and is under construction.

Pictures of the day!-243.2Finally, we are back in Germany.

We are back in Germany and visited the Neuschwanstein Castle. It was built as King Ludwig II his perfect imagination of a knight’s castle in the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, the king died before the castle was completed. Nowadays, it belongs to Bavarian and 1.3 million people visit it every year.

Pictures of the day!-243.3The Neuschwanstein Castle is visited by 1.3 million people every year and by the one and only iglidur®-car today.


At one of the last days in Switzerland, we celebrated the anniversaries of igus® and iglidur® at the headquarter of igus® Switzerland. One highlight was the donation of two CHF per driven kilometer and thus, 3182 CHF based on our distance traveled so far and the predicted kilometers for the last days.

Spende-7Gilbert W. Giger (Director of VEBO Genossenschaft) receives the cheque of 3182 CHF from Lutz Alof (CEO of igus® Schweiz GmbH)

igus® Switzerland wanted to support a local organisation and found VEBO in Oensingen. It is an association which takes care of handicapped people and provides different handicapped accessible workshops, e.g. packaging, assembling or joinery. Therefore, these people can do different jobs which would be not possible otherwise.

Moreover, igus® Switzerland donated 30 kg of rice due to 30 years of iglidur® and the fact that VEBO has its own canteen to cater the employees.

Spende-7.2All the people of VEBO are happy to meet the iglidur®-car and Urs Trösch (Director Service Department) receives the cheque from Lutz Alof.

Update: Finally, igus® Switzerland increases the donation to 4000 CHF due to the total distance of 1810 km.

We wish you all the best,
Karl, Nils and Sandor

Pictures of the day!-240

Switzerland is famous for a lot of things like watches and chocolate of course. Therefore, we have been to the OMEGA Museum in Biel and the Chocolate Frey Visitor Center in Buchs. Especially the chocolate museum was very good because we could eat a lot of chocolate and dress as pralines.

Pictures of the day!-240Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac…Omega and igus® two brands for long-lasting products

Pictures of the day!-240.2Everybody was dressed as a praline and even the dry-tech®-box could not resist …

Picture of the day!-239

Today, we visited three customers of different industries: Packaging, prototyping and transport. Moreover, we had a look at the largest waterfall in Europe which is close to Schaffhausen, Switzerland – The “Rheinfall”.

Picture of the day!-239Our iglidur®-car with its new front lid and the Rhine Falls in the back

Pictures of the day!-238

“Hey, let’s do the press conference on top of the Schilthorn which is about 3000 m high.” “Ok, but how do we get the iglidur®-car there?” “Hmm … How about a Helicopter?” “Helicopter?” “Yes, Helicopter!” … No sooner said than done!

Pictures of the day!-238
The iglidur®-car arrives at the platform in 3000 m above sea level.


Due to the wind, our car lost its front lid during the flight. Ok, that happens sometimes … Nevertheless, all the bearings are still where they are supposed to be.

Pictures of the day!-238.2No front lid but still all bearings!


Both Swiss journalists and members of igus® Switzerland participated and were fascinated by location and the event.

Pictures of the day!-238.3igus® Switzerland as well as Swiss journalists were part of this historic event.


Of course, the dry-tech®-box joined us and saw the beautiful landscape above the fog as well.

Pictures of the day!-238.4Dizzy height but no problem for the dry-tech®-box.


Pictures of the day!-238.5We took a step off the path …