As usual, igus® donates one Euro per driven kilometer and so did igus® Sweden. The total amount of 2355 Euro was given to “Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus” which takes care of homeless people. Mr. Anderberg visited the headquarter of igus® Sweden and received the cheque.

Spende-93rd from left: Björn O. Anderberg (Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus), Team igus® Sweden/Denmark

Pictures of the day!-254

We spent the weekend to get to know the local and famous animal really well – The moose. We started our Scandinavian tour with a sticker of a moose on the back of our iglidur®-car but now we have the change to see these animals in nature. Therefore, we drove to a “Alg Safari”.

Pictures of the day!-254Say “Hello” to the “Moooooooooooose!”

Fortunately, it was allowed to feed them and we had some carrots with us.

Pictures of the day!-254.2They like carrots …


… as well as iglidur®-bearings.

The mooses are not shy and if there is something to eat, they will get it anyway.

Come in and take a seat.


Nom Nom Nom

We had a lot of fun but it was time to continue the trip to Denmark. After 1697 km on Swedish roads, we crossed the border and started our trip through Denmark!

Picture of the day!-253

Today, we visited the headquarters of a Swedish automobile manufacturer and our e-chain®/chainflex® retailer for Sweden. Later that day, we visited the company Königsegg which manufactures high-end and luxury sport cars. Look and see!

Picture of the day!-253High-end cars with high-end products – dry-tech®!

Pictures of the day!-252

We arrived very early in the moring in Sweden and had just a few hours of sleep. For the next couple of days, Dirk Schaar (German journalist of MDA Technologies) and Oliver Cyrus (Leader for PR and Advertising of igus®) will join us for the Sweden tour.

Pictures of the day!-252Left to right: Nils, Dirk Schaar (MDA Technologies), Karl, Oliver Cyrus (Leader for PR and Advertising of igus®), Sandor

The first stop in Stockholm – The Riksdag which is the seat of the Swedish parliament.

Pictures of the day!-252.2The House of Parliament

Close by, one can find the Stockholm Palace which is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.

Pictures of the day!-252.3The iglidur®-car at the back side of the “Kungliga slottet”

The last stop for today was the ABBA museum …

Pictures of the day!-252.4The fusion of ABBA and iglidur® on tour

At the end of the day, we drove to our hotel in Tranas to be ready for the next day because we will visit a swedish car manufacturer.

Pictures of the day!-251

In the morning, we visited our last Norwegian customer which produces customized operation chairs for offshore applications. Afterwards, we drove to Oslo to say “Good bye” to Norway and cross the border to Sweden.

Pictures of the day!-251The Holmenkollbakken

In Oslo, we drove to the oldest and most modern ski jump in the world – The Holmenkollbakken. It was opened in 1892 and renovated 15 times until today. Furthermore, it is made out of 100 t of steel and the hill record of 141 m was set by Andreas Kofler in 2011 during the World Championship.

Next stop – Sweden! While we were looking for a restaurant for dinner, we drove down the hill to a small neighbourhood. We tried to turn around and suddenly realized that the ground was frozen. No change to get out…A yound man helped us to put on the snow chains for the cars. We were sliding along the ground, knelt on the ice and tried to tension the chains while lying on the ground. After an hour and without any feeling of the toes, this young man took his car and brought sand for us…It worked. We made it up the hill and could leave to continue our tour.

That was representable helpfulness! Thank you, Henrik!

Pictures of the day!-251.2It’s good that we have them.

We arrived at the hotel around 4 pm and started our first day in Sweden after 3 hours of sleep. By the way, we hit the 70,000 km!