Review – Donation-20

As in every country of “iglidur® on tour”, we gave something back to the last country too – Spain. We donated 4000 Euro after our Spanish press conference to IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz) which is an institute for health and biomedical research. It has 48 research groups that focus their activities on six major areas:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular
  • Infectious Diseases and Immunity
  • Large System Diseases
  • Cancer and human molecular Genetics
  • Surgery, Transplants and Health Technologies.

Rückblick – Spende-20Eduardo López-Collazo (Scientific director) receives the donation from Dr. Matthias Meier (Director of igus® Spain)

We wish all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Pictures of the day!-312

Our tour through Europe has come to an end and we went back to Germany. In the morning, we had our Spanish press conference at a motor museum with several journalists surrounded by vintage cars.

Pictures of the day!-312Dr. Matthias Meier (Managing Director of igus® Spain) explains the advantages of using iglidur® bearings …

Pictures of the day!-312.2… and the highlights of “iglidur® on tour” through Spain.

After a quick lunch, we said goodbye and hit the road to drive back to Germany. From Madrid to Freiberg in the East of Germany, it is a total distance of 2200 km. We split our journey in three stages:

  1. Madrid – Bordeaux ~ 700 km
  2. Bordeaux – Freiburg ~ 900 km
  3. Freiburg – Freiberg ~ 600 km

Therefore, the whole weekend consisted of sitting in the car, writing reports and driving on the Spanish, French and German motorways. Finally, we arrived back in Germany without any problems to have one more week with different German customers before we go back to Cologne.

Pictures of the day!-310

On our last day in Madrid, we went to a University to talk with students and professors about igus®-products. Afterwards, we went to Getaria which is know for its island, the Mount San Antón. It is shaped like a mouse and thus, called the “Mouse of Getaria”.

Pictures of the day!-310The “Ratón De Getaria” alias the “Mouse of Getaria”

Furthermore, we had to prepare the car for the press conference at the next day. Therefore, we cleaned the car and brought it to the location which was a hotel with a museum full of vintage cars. Finally, we decided to have a look in the center of Madrid because we were already there. With the cameras, microfon and a dry-tech®-box in the hands, we went to the Plaza Mayor.

Pictures of the day!-310.2The last sightseeing spot of Spain

This square is rectangular in shape, surrounded by residential buildings with balconies and used for events like markets, bullfights and in former days, for executions.
This was our last day in Madrid and Spain because tomorrow, we will leave the country after the press conference and donation. Unbelievable that it is nearly done and iglidur® on tour comes to an end…

Pictures of the day!-309

After our customer visits in the area of Madrid, we went into the city center and had a look around spontaneously . We parked our iglidur®-car under the Plaza de Oriente where we found the statue of Philip IV of Spain close by. He was king of Spain and Portugal in 1621.

Pictures of the day!-309The monument of King Philip IV

Around the corner, we were standing in front of our goal of the day – The Almudena Cathedral. The Santa María la Real de La Almudena is the Catholic cathedral in Madrid and its construction was finished in 1993.

Pictures of the day!-309.2The dry-tech®-box in front of the cathedral

While we were standing in front of the cathedral, we turned around and found ourselves in front of the Royal Palace which is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family.

Pictures of the day!-309.3The Royal Palace in the capital of Spain

With the sunset, we did recordings for our upcoming review and before we left, we took a photo of our compact car.

Pictures of the day!-309.4The iglidur®-car with the Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace and the sunset

Finally, we went back to the hotel to have dinner and to get some sleep.

Pictures of the day!-308

We started our final week with a weekend in Gijon and visited two automotive customers the next day. At the end of the day, we went to Bilbao to the Guggenheim Museum which is worldwide known and has an impressive design.

Pictures of the day!-308One of seven Guggenheim Museums

In addition, the partial solar eclipse took place and a customer gave us a welding glass to have a closer look. We tried to take a photo with the iglidur®-car. Due to the bright sun light, we had to take several pictures with different times of exposure. Therefore, we good create the following photo.

Pictures of the day!-308.2The first and only solar eclipse of iglidur® on tour

At the end of the day, we drove to Madrid where we will stay for the rest of our tour through Spain.

Pictures of the day!-307

The day of the charity was the same day we left Portugal due to a spontaneous change in the schedule. After 1620 km through our next-to-last country of the European iglidur® on tour, we arrived a second time in Spain to start our final week.

Pictures of the day!-307Time to say “Goodbye!” to Portugal

Pictures of the day!-307.2Final week in Spain – Let’s go!

We want to thank everybody of igus® Portugal for the great support and hospitality. Take care and all the best!

Pictures of the day!-302

From Manresa, we traveled to the south coast of Spain to Marbella. On the way, we visited some customers and due to the long distance, we were always on the road until we arrived at our hotel. The next day was a bit more relaxing but we had to drive to Portugal. First of all, we stopped at the beach of Marbella in the morning to take good photo and to go swimming.

Pictures of the day!-302Close to the beach of Marbella

Sandor and me took the shoes off to test the temperature of the sea. However, Nils was not afraid of the cold and went for a swim. Due to the 30°C, it was nice to have some time to relax.

Pictures of the day!-302.2Facing the sun

Nevertheless, we had to go on. We drove to Seville and visited the cathedral which is the third-largest church in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pictures of the day!-302.3Seville Cathedral

After some Tapas in a local restaurant, we continued our long journey towards Lagoas in the south of Portugal.

Pictures of the day!-302.4The sun and we say “Goodbye” from Spain but just for one week.

After 2028 km we arrived in Portugal. We thank igus® Spain for the first part through this interesting country and we will see each other in one week again.

Pictures of the day!-302.5The area in the south of Portugal is called “Algarve”

Welcome to Portugal!

Pictures of the day!-301

Yesterday, we arrived in Barcelona which is the second-largest city in Spain as well as the location of igus® Spain. We met the whole team before we drove to the city.

Pictures of the day!-301The team of igus® Spain

It took us quite a while to get to the famous church because it is a busy city. The Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia was designed by Antoni Gaudi and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pictures of the day!-301.2The Basilica in Barcelona

Afterwards, we visited our first customer for today who develops large printers. I was impressed by the landscape and the vegetation – palm trees!

Pictures of the day!-301.3What a great place to do business!

After the second customer, we arrived in Manresa at our hotel to call it a day.

Pictures of the day!-300

We spent the night in Nice, France and left in the morning to continue our long drive to Barcelona, Spain.

Pictures of the day!-300670 km to Barcelona

After 547 km along the south coast of France, we crossed the border to Spain.

Pictures of the day!-300.2Reset the odometer!

Finally, we arrived at Barcelona in the evening. Typical driving day

Pictures of the day!-300.3Next stop – Barcelona