The route in pictures-5

From our branch in Incheon we took off to Asan…

The route in pictures-5 The route in pictures-5.2

…from there to Donghea at the east coast…

The route in pictures-5.3 The route in pictures-5.4 The route in pictures-5.5

…then along the coast to Seoraksan mountain….

The route in pictures-5.6 The route in pictures-5.7 The route in pictures-5.8 The route in pictures-5.9 The route in pictures-5.10

…then we continued driving north up to the demarcation line with North Korea…

The route in pictures-5.11 The route in pictures-5.12 The route in pictures-5.13

….then we drove west to Seoul for the press conference….

The route in pictures-5.14

…From Seoul we left for Gunsan….

The route in pictures-5.15 The route in pictures-5.16

…from Gunsan to Mok´po…

The route in pictures-5.17

…then to Busan…

The route in pictures-5.18 The route in pictures-5.19 The route in pictures-5.20 The route in pictures-5.21

…from Busan to Jeonju…

The route in pictures-5.22 The route in pictures-5.23 The route in pictures-5.24

…and finally back to Incheon.

The route in pictures-5.25 The route in pictures-5.26 The route in pictures-5.27 The route in pictures-5.28

Iglidur® meets e-chain®

Iglidur® meets e-chain®

Busan is not only the second largest city in South Korea but even the world’s fifth busiest seaport by cargo tonnage. Dozens of cranes are handling every day a high number of goods. Such cranes need a lof of energy. In order to protect the cables against any kind of weather, and therefore to ensure the energy supply, igus® offers so called Energy chains®.

igus® power chain systems are a good alternative to bus bar, festoonings and reel systems. igus® e-chainsystems® and chainflex® flexible cables are worldwide in operation on more than 10,000 port equipment applications. Sixteen cranes in the port of Busan rely on the igus® e-chain® 5050RHD.

igus® e-chains® are the perfect solution for crane users and builders as they offer advantages such as:

  • Space saving design
  • No control system necessary
  • All media can be conveyed: power, data, air, water, etc.
  • Low maintenance product reduces your downtime
  • Wind and weather resistant
  • Synchronous run of trolley and e-chainsystem®
  • Quick an easy installation of additional cables
  • No parts marked as reason for wear and tear
  • Spare part guarantee for 10 years an more

Iglidur® meets e-chain®.2


Yesterday, I uploaded this photo as the picture of the day. Today, I want to tell you what it is about.


igus® not only stands for high quality but also for social responsibility. We want to give something back to the society in each country we visit. For each kilometer we donate one euro to a local charity organization. It is always up to our branches to decide how the money gets distributed. Our Korean colleagues had the idea not to hand over money but to help in form of rice.


For each driven kilometer, igus® Korea bought one kilogram of good quality rice. As we made more than 2000 kilometer three soup kitchen received in total 2000 kilogram of rice (which is almost four times as heavy as our iglidur® car). The picture is only showing half of the rice as the truck couldn´t take more load. Two local soup kitchen received each 500 kilogram which covers about 25 days (each day they serve more than 20kg of rice to people who cannot afford it).

Typical igus® Teamwork


The third soup kitchen, called mindele noodle house, is operating in more than only one city. They have even one kitchen abroad on the Philippines.


Mindele not only has noodle houses but also a school or kind of kindergarden respectively, where children can come to learn and to play.

Donation-2.6 Donation-2.7

The trip comes to an end

The trip in South Korea has come to an end. It was a short but really great journey. We explored the entire country and visited many of our beloved customers.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu

Busan was more or less our last destination. It is the second largest city, one of the busiest sea ports worldwide and home for many of our customers. One of these customers is the company UNICK. UNICK is a specialist for automotive parts. Their core business is the production and distribution of solenoid valves.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.2

Solenoid valves are the most frequently used control elements in fluidics.

Their tasks are to shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. For a solenoid valve that is located in the gears shift, they rely on an igus® piston ring. The lubricant free piston ring ensures smooth linear motion of the valve that is dosing the fluids.

Mr. Park, the leading engineer of UNICK appreciates the high wear resistance, the low price and that the ring is easy to assemble. He also stresses the high reliability and mentioned that they haven´t had any problem so far.

As we spend two days in Busan I got a glimpse of what the city is about. I really like that it is located in a mountainous area at the sea. There are very nice places where you can overlook the city and the sea.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.5

I can imagine that in summer you won´t be able to see something of the great beach anymore. As I got to know is the beach so famous and crowded that in summer you cannot see any sand but only people and umbrellas.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.6

What is directly catching somebodies eye is the bridge that leads through the sea along the coast and connects two districts of Busan. You have the best view on it when you climb one of the dozens of skyscrapers.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.7

The downtown of Busan is surrounded by small busy streets that are full of Restaurants.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.8

In each of these restaurants you get Soju, the liquor that you will find on every table and South Koreans like to mix with beer.
From Busan we headed back in the direction of Incheon, which is located close to Seoul and where we have our branch. There I will have to leave the car  for a few days again, On the way we stopped by at a village that embodies the opposite of the thriving city of Busan. The village is calm and preserved as a traditional Korean one.

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.10 Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.11

When we are already talking about old sights. Can you see any similarity between the two following pictures, any relation respectively?

Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.12 Wieder neigt sich eine Tour dem Ende zu.13

The first picture is showing not only stones but a tomb of a king. No I´m not kidding, this is the cementary of King Munmu (661-681 AD). He wished to be buried in the East sea. He strongly believed in Buddha and thought that his ghost will protect his country against any kind of assaults (mostly directed towards the Japanese). The Japanese were also the reason for the pagoda on the second picture. King Munmu built a temple in the believe that the power of Buddha would drive away the Japanese pirates that constantly were a threat to his kingdom. Unfortunately, the temple later burned down and only the two pagodas remained.

I want to use this occasion to say thank you to our Korean colleagues. Thank you for your great hospitality and support. It was an awesome trip. The next blog post will take place in Taiwan. I heard that Taiwan offers incredible nature sites such as high mountains, canyons and tropical beaches. I´m looking forward to see iglidur® there.

I keep you up to date,

yours Sascha