Review – Application – Radpak

First stop on our road trip through Poland was the company Radpak in Wloclawek. The specialist for packaging machines was founded by Tad Radzanowski in 1991 and offers its customers individually adapted complete solutions, including process control systems and extending to final packaging and palletising. Radpak has cartoners, lidding machines, cup fillers, case formers, box filling machines, VFF&S machines, Case Packer machines and sealing systems in its product line, as well as auger fillers and scales. Just as we arrived a machine was being prepared for delivery to the USA.

Rückblick – Anwendung – RadpakRadpak is expanding and builds with igus®. Multiple e‐chains® guide the lines of this packaging system. In the photo detail below an igubal® pillow block bearing including lead screws can be seen

Participation at international exhibitions have brought Radpak a worldwide clientele. Many sales came about due to the favourable price, as they explained to us, and only thereafter due to the uncompromising quality offered by the Polish enterprise. To ensure that ultimately there is a win‐win situation for both sides a genuine contribution is made by the reasonably priced igus® components with their self lubricated characteristics and the resulting zero maintenance. Worldwide sales is only a rewarding proposition if a component does not give up the ghost suddenly and unexpectedly and must be repaired or replaced. This is why Radpak builds on igus® components.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Radpak.2A precise look at a drylin® W double rail. Through the double rail segments are adapted to different products

For packaging machines a high clock speed predominates in order to deliver as many products as possible in a short time. The e-chain® protects the line against damage and extends its service life. Consequently the moving lines are routed in e-chains®. Pillow block bearings from the igubal® series support the lead screws, via which the machines can be adapted to the different product sizes. Thanks to the drylin® linear guide, segments of the packaging system are adapted to the different product sizes. The product, such as a bar of soap is first packed in individual packages, and then packed in large quantities in boxes. Sometimes these steps are executed in separate machines.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Radpak.3Radpak employees and the “iglidur® on tour” team. The packaging machine behind them will soon start off on its voyage to the USA

The “iglidur® on tour” team thanks Radpak for the memorable experience on this afternoon and for the delicious hazelnut‐vanilla flavoured coffee.

Kind regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-team

Review – Poland

We started at the peninsula Hel and drove 3700 km through Poland to our final stop which was Warsaw. All in all, we experienced a different culture and visited a lot of customers. At the end, we met the Polish Smart Klub and did a sight-seeing tour through Warsaw. The following video sums it up!

A big thanks to everybody who was involved in the tour through Poland and their great hospitality!


Review – Application – MPPB

In Poland, we enjoyed a brief stop at the boat manufacturer MPPB. J. W. Slepsk in Augustów. The company was founded by owner Jozef Wiszniewski and originally started out in the construction sector. Today, MPPB successfully develops and produces items including boats and yachts in a broad range of designs. One thing that all the models that come off the production line in Augustów have in common is the preferred production material of fibreglass.

Rückblick – Anwendung – MPPBThe Polish boat constructors prefer to use modern materials for their boats and yachts. The drylin® range from igus® fits into this concept perfectly

The boat constructors use two individual rails from the drylin® range with multiple housing bearings on each side for the canopy mechanics. The bearings are positioned at the folding points of the canopy, which is manually moved and can be locked with a bolt.

Rückblick – Anwendung – MPPB.2The canopy when open and closed. A drylin® W individual rail is used on each side. The arrow in the bottom picture indicates one of the housing bearings, which are positioned at the points where the material folds

The main reason for MPPB’s decision to use an igus® solution is the excellent resistance of the high-performance plastic against salt water, solar radiation and other environmental influences. A further factor is the maintenance free nature due to the self-lubricating properties of the material. Once installed, the capitan no longer needs to worry about his canopy functioning correctly.

Rückblick – Anwendung – MPPB.3All hands on deck: the MPPB crew and the “iglidur® on tour” team, both of which are extremely proud of their vehicles

We would like to thank MPPB for allowing us to look over its crew’s shoulder during their work. It has sparked a desire in us to go to sea.

Best regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour” team

Picture of the day!-268

After driving over 800 km from Karlsruhe, we crossed the border to Slovakia. We drove 837 km through the Czech Republic. Our first stop was Bratislava which is the capital of Slovakia with a typical view at the castle.

Picture of the day!-268
The Donau separates our iglidur®-car from the castle of Bratislava.

It is said that in former times the king was not happy with the ideas how the castle should look like. He was so angry that he kicked over the table. Suddenly, he smiled because he found a satisfying shape.


Furthermore, the Polish TV-channel tvnTurbo published a short report about iglidur® on tour!

Pictures of the day!-265

On our last day in Poland, we spent the day in Warszawa with igus® Poland. Before we did a tour through the Museum of Technology, we played a game with the iglidur®-car. Let’s be creative. Who has won?

Pictures of the day!-265Team 1: How many people fit in the compact car?

Pictures of the day!-265.2Team 2: Plan B – we ran out of fuel.

Pictures of the day!-265.3Team 3: igus® connects people!

Pictures of the day!-265.4Celebrating the end of “iglidur® on tour” through Poland

Due to the brand of our iglidur®-car, we met the Polish Smart club – Smart Klub Polska.

Let’s go for a ride with the Smart Klub Polska!

We had a funny day: Sightseeing in Warszawa, the donation of igus® Poland and a dinner based on sushi.
Thank you!


igus® Poland donated 3000 Euro based on our 3000 km to Osrodek Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny “Kolo” in Warsaw. This organization takes care of children without parents. Elzbieta Miazek received the money from the Managing Director of igus® Poland, Marek Wzorek.

Spende-10Marek Wzorek (igus® Poland) and Elzbieta Miazek (Director of the Orphanage)

Afterwards, we went bowling and aet a special cake. Yummy!


Pictures of the day!-263

After visiting some customers, we went to Kraków but stopped at another place in between.

Pictures of the day!-263Birthplace of John Paul II

We stopped in Wadowice where Pope John Paul II was born. He was the second longest-serving pope in history and next to the parish church, a monument was built on the Plac Jana Pawla II.

Pictures of the day!-263.2The iglidur®-car visited the Wawel Cathedral.

Before sunset, we saw the Wawel Cathedral and stopped for a photo. It has been on the Wawel Hill for the last 900 years…

Afterwards, we went on a 4 h drive towards Augustow in the North East of Poland.

Pictures of the day!-262

The press conference of igus® Poland regarding iglidur® on tour was hosed in Wroclaw. Over 20 journalists were informed about our trip and asked questions afterwards. Marek Wzorek and Artur Peplinski introduced igus® while Daniel Marzec and Radomir Ochocki presented iglidur®-bearings as well as e-chains®.

Pictures of the day!-262Left to right: Karl Weinmeister (iglidur® on tour), Daniel Marzec (igus® Poland), Radomir Ochocki (igus® Poland), Artur Peplinski (igus® Germany), Marek Wzorek (MD of igus® Poland)

Pictures of the day!-262.2Artur Peplinski introduces the history of igus®

Pictures of the day!-262.3Radomir Ochocki speaks about the retrofitted parts of our iglidur®-car

Pictures of the day!-262.4The journalists discover the compact car