Application – Hunter Douglas N.V.

Our iglidur®-car visited the company Hunter Douglas together with Elcee which is the retailer of products based on iglidur® in the Netherlands.

Anwendung - Hunter Douglas N.V.The iglidur®-car in front of the “Erasmus Paviljoen” on the campus of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam

“Hunter Douglas is the world market leader in window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products.” [1]. As a global operating company, innovative and high quality products are developed for all kinds of buildings. A unique project was realized at the “Erasmus Paviljoen” of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam based on the design of Powerhouse Company and De Zwarte Hond. It is a semi-oval shaped window cover made up of aluminium fins. Due to the motors on top of the building, each vertical segment can be actuated. Therefore, the angle can be adjusted in respect to the sunshine.

Fig. 1: Top – View from the outside; Left – Close up of three single fins; Right – Technical principle of mechanism; Bottom – Explanation of used symbols

Fig. 1 shows the real mechanism and its technical principle. On the top, the view from the outside can be seen while a close up of three fins is shown on the left. The used symbols for the sketch on the right side are explained at the bottom. All in all, the sun blocking fin is supported rotationally by a fixed revolute joint and connected via a simple rod to the rail. The latter is moving along the fixed guidance to enable the rotating movement of the fin. Therefore, the angle can be determined by the translation of the rail. Finally, by connecting more fins to it, the synchronous movement is guaranteed. The grey arrows indicate the movements.

The window covers are mounted on the outside of the building and exposed to the environment, i.e. sun, rain, heat, cold and wind. Therefore, the components had to be chosen carefully to ensure long-life operation.

Fig. 2: Left – Window cover from the inside of the building; Right – Close up of the back with detailed description of used igus®-products 

In Fig. 2, it can be seen where products of igus® were used. To support the fins, iglidur®-bearings were implemented into the frame to enable low-friction turning. Furthermore, the DryLin® W guide carriage was mounted onto the building its front to guide the DryLin® W double rail.

This application is a combination of iglidur®-bearings and DryLin® W. Both igus®-components make sure that the window cover works at all time regardless of the weather because neither maintenance nor lubrication is required. Furthermore, all parts are corrosion-free and low in cost.

Anwendung - Hunter Douglas N.V..2Left to right: Nils Schneider (iglidur® on tour), Sandor Meierjohann (iglidur® on tour), Karl Weinmeister (iglidur® on tour), Martijn Leeuwenburgh (Hunter Douglas – Projectmanager), Leendert Fase (Elcee Holland – Produkt manager Lagertechniek), Rob Faes (Elcee Holland – Account manager Industrie) 


We thank Hunter Douglas for the hospitality and Mr. Leeuwenburgh for showing and explaining us the application.

All the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew





Application –

On one of our last days in the Netherlands, we stopped at to discover an application of igubal®.

The iglidur®-car meets the velomobile called strada. is a manufacture of vehicles with the same name. Derived from bi- or tricycles, velomobiles are human-powered and characterized by the aerodynamic shell. Therefore, the driver is protected against the weather and collisions. Most vehicles are for one passenger only and have three to four wheels. The small team of repairs damaged, produces their own and develops new vehicles. A light weight construction is essential because of the fact that these vehicles are powered by the driver him-/herself. Therefore, igus®-products are ideal.

Bottom – Finished velomobile; Middle – Basic frame of a model with four wheels; Top – Close ups of mounted igubal® (indicated by orange arrows)


The previous figure shows where the self-aligning bearings – igubal® are used. At the bottom, a finished velomobile can be seen which is ready for shipping. If the aerodynamic cover is removed, the frame appears which can be seen in the middle. Finally, the close ups at the top show that igubal® are used as suspension and to support the damper in the back. By using igubal®, the weight of the overall vehicle is reduced as well as the price. Moreover, it is an outdoor application and igus®-products are dirt-resistant. Finally, they allow angular misalignment while maintaining the connection.

At the end of our stay at the company, we tested the vehicle itself and had a race against the iglidur®-car. Who will win? It was a neck-and-neck race and the following movie gives the answer. We thank for providing an interesting insight into velomobiles, the opportunity to test them and produce our short movie.

We wish you all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-Crew

Review Netherlands

After the official start of our tour in Cologne at the igus® headquarter, it was time for the next country on the list: The Netherlands!

We spend 5 days in the small country and drove through it several times. Therefore, we collected more than 1000 km on the odometer. In fact, we visited a lot of customers which provided us interesting insights into their impressive applications. We were able to do a lot of interviews and produce some videos. After the permission of the customers, we will publish all the movies one by one.

Apart from work, we had some time to discover cities like Rotterdam or Amsterdam during day and night. The people of the Netherlands are very friendly and open minded. Nevertheless, Amsterdam was an unusual but lively city with all the thousands of bikes, coffee shops, public urinals and the red-light district.

When we arrived at Elcee which is a retailer of igus®, the iglidur®-car was welcomed like a legend of Formula One. Orange smoke everywhere! In the afternoon, the press conference took place followed by the charity event which included the handover of the check. igus® and Elcee donated 2,000 Euro to Opkikker.

At the end of our stay, we visited the booth of igus® at the Offshore Energy Exibition in Amsterdam, discovered another industry and met new colleagues.

All in all, we want to thank our colleagues and all customers for the great time we had. Our review summarizes the journey. Stay tuned for all the applications!

Karl, Nils and Sandor


We spent five days in the Netherlands, saw a lot of applications and drove several hundreds of kilometers. igus® Netherlands and Elcee (retailer of iglidur®-bearings) donated one Euro per driven kilometer each to Opkikker. This is a foundation which organizes an Opkikkerdag (Opkikker-Day) every year. A day full of adventures for kids with chronic diseases and their families.

igus® Netherlands and Elcee donate 2,000 Euro to Opkikker: From left to right – Ton van Veldhuijzen (igus® Netherlands), Ruud Sliphorst (Opkikker), Peter Slijkhuis (Elcee)