Pictures of the day!-300

We spent the night in Nice, France and left in the morning to continue our long drive to Barcelona, Spain.

Pictures of the day!-300670 km to Barcelona

After 547 km along the south coast of France, we crossed the border to Spain.

Pictures of the day!-300.2Reset the odometer!

Finally, we arrived at Barcelona in the evening. Typical driving day

Pictures of the day!-300.3Next stop – Barcelona

Review – Donation-18

After the conference of igus® at the exhibition in Milan, we did the donation. We gave 3200 Euro to “Il Grappolo” which is located close to igus® Italy and takes care about elder people and disabled children. About 130 volunteers with 12 vehicles ensure that they get to the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and work safely.

Rückblick – Spende-18Left to right: Giulio Ferrante (Product manager iglidur®), A volunteer of Il Grappolo, Chiara Fumagalli (igus® Italy), Me,Giancarlo Visigalli (CEO of Il Grappolo), Sergio Villa (Managing Director of igus® Italy)

We wish you all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Pictures of the day!-299

Today is our last day in Italy. Before we left the country, we visited our iglidur®-car and colleagues at the igus®-booth at the 3D-Printing exhibition in Milan.

Pictures of the day!-299The igus®-booth with the iglidur®-car in the center

To inform visiteurs about igus® and the possibilities regarding 3D-Printing, igus® Italy had its own conference. Furthermore, the donation took place but I will write about that tomorrow.

Pictures of the day!-299.2Sergio Villa (CEO of igus® Italy) introduces igus®

In the evening, we took the car and stopped one last time in Milan to take a photo.

Pictures of the day!-299.3Goodbye, Milan!

Due to our late start, we decided to cross the French border and stay at Nice at the Côte d’Azur. With 3002 km on the odometer, we finished our tour through Italy and have to thank everybody who supported us. Grazie mille!

Pictures of the day!-299.4Second time in France but for a transit only

PS: We hit the 90,000 km on the odometer!

Pictures of the day!-298

Milan is the second largest city in Italy and we discovered some interesting places. First, we visited the Milan Cathedral. It is the largest church in Italy and its completion took about 600 years.

Pictures of the day!-298The 5th-largest church in the world – Milan Cathedral

On our way through the city, we found the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world and the floor is fully covered with a mosaic. One can found a bull and there is a tradition about it. If you turn with your right heel three times on the genitals of the bull, it will bring you luck.

Pictures of the day!-298.2jpgDue to a lot of tourists every day, the mosaic has to be replaced frequently.

The last stop for today was the “Teatro alla Scala” which is worldwide known opera house.

Pictures of the day!-298.3La Scala

We spent the rest of the day discovering the city on our own before we went back to our hotel.

Pictures of the day!-297

The first stop of today was the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile. After a quick photo, we went to the technical university in Torino – Politecnico di Torino.

Pictures of the day!-297In front of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile

The team of H2politO welcomed us and we prepared our booth. They explained their hybrid and electric lightweight cars to us and we talked about certain application based on igus®-products.

Pictures of the day!-297.2Three cars which use high-end components

Finally, students and professors joined us to get information about igus® and of course, a lot of merchandise.

Pictures of the day!-297.3Get to know the dry-tech®-box

 Pictures of the day!-297.4The Team H2politO of the Politecnico di Torino

We had a great day with the students and left to drive to the second largest city of Italy – Milan. Our iglidur®-car will be part of an exhibition while we will join the press conference.

Pictures of the day!-296

In the morning, we left Arenzano and went to the “Cantina Ceretto” in Alba. After the introduction about wine, its fermentation, aging and production, we had our wine tasting.

4 different wines for everybody

It is a beautiful area where the tasteful grapes grow.

The view over the wine area

Don’t drink and drive!

We enjoyed the opportunity to taste local wine and of course, we bought some bottles for our families at home. In the afternoon, we visited our customer who is one of the leading manufacturers of filling machines for bottles. Afterwards, we went to the hotel in Poirino.

Picture of the day!-295

Today, we visited a manufacturer for suspensions and I will publish a report on that. Afterwards, we traveled further north to Pisa and visited the famous tilted tower. Unfortunately, we had to leave the iglidur®-car at the car park.

Picture of the day!-295Our dry-tech®-systems can handle angular misalignment

After the second customer and with the sun shining, we went to our hotel in Arenzano.

Picture of the day!-294

After our great day in Rome, we had a late breakfast and left the Italian capital on the way to Florence. Due to the long drive, we decided to stop at Monte Argentario. It is a beautiful comune on the west coast of Italy. We were driving along the panoramic road “Strada panoramica” and stopped for photo.

Picture of the day!-294Luckily, the iglidur®-car is a convertible

In the late afternoon, we continued and arrived around 9 pm at the hotel in Florence. That was a typical driving day …

Pictures of the day!-292

The alarm clock is ringing. Good morning and welcome to Rome! We decided to leave the iglidur®-car in the car park and take the dry-tech®-box with us to discover the city. In addition, we rented some bikes to be faster and more flexible.

Pictures of the day!-292
The sun is shining and we are starting our tour

At first, we went to the St. Peter’s Basilica which is located in the Vatican city, a famous place for pilgrims and the home of the pope.

 Pictures of the day!-292.2St. Peter’s square

Of course, we went inside the basilica and if you go there, don’t be afraid of the long queue. People will tell you that it takes several hours to get in and you can buy a “speed ticket”. Don’t listen to them because it is just a lie. They told us that it takes two hours but our Italian colleague, Chiara, asked the police and they said that it is just half an hour. That was true and our queue was 100 m long …

Pictures of the day!-292.3We made it on top after 551 stairs

Pictures of the day!-292.4Enjoying the view behind the metal bars

Pictures of the day!-292.5Inside the St. Peter’s Basilica. Breathtaking. By the way, the letters under the circular paintings are about 2 m high

We spend two hours at this place and there is much more to discover. However, we had more things on the to-do-list like …

Pictures of the day!-292.6the Castel Sant’Angelo or …

Pictures of the day!-292.7
the Pantheon.

After lunch and we decided to get some ice cream. We found a store with 150 different flavors and could not resist to get a huge portion.

Pictures of the day!-292.8Mjam mjam mjam

Later that day, we found the evidence that iglidur®-bearings are light weight.

Pictures of the day!-292.9The street artist and igus® agree on the color orange

Unfortunately, the Fontana di Trevi was under construction and will be until autumn this year. Therefore, we decided to continue to our last stop which was a hint from the bike shop. “If you go there, you can see the whole city.”

Pictures of the day!-292.10One part of Roma with the “Altare della Patria” in the background

We enjoyed the view and went back to bike shop to return the bikes. It was a great day in an impressive city. There are so many things to discover and we will come back …


PS: We want to thank Chiara who helped us during our first week in Italy and in particular in Rome. Grazie!

Pictures of the day!-291

At the end of the week, we left Perugia with the goal ahead – Rome! However, we did a short visit in Assisi and Orvieto. The former is the birthplace of St. Francis who founded the Franciscan religious order in 1208 and the Basilica of San Francesco belongs to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Pictures of the day!-291Skyline of Assisi with the Basilica of San Francesco on the left

Orvieto is a beautiful old town with narrow alleys and an impressive cathedral. Its facade is a masterpiece of religious construction.

Pictures of the day!-291.2Orvieto Cathedral which is known for the alternating black and white layers of the side walls

With a good dish at a Trattoria, we drove towards Rome. We arrived in the evening and hit the rush hour. Nevertheless, we made it to the Colosseum which is the largest amphitheatre in the world.

Pictures of the day!-291.3The traffic jam at the Colosseum

Pictures of the day!-291.4The dry-tech®-box on the popular photo spot

Finally, we arrived at the hotel, had dinner and went to bed because tomorrow will be a great day.