Review – Donation-20

As in every country of “iglidur® on tour”, we gave something back to the last country too – Spain. We donated 4000 Euro after our Spanish press conference to IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz) which is an institute for health and biomedical research. It has 48 research groups that focus their activities on six major areas:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular
  • Infectious Diseases and Immunity
  • Large System Diseases
  • Cancer and human molecular Genetics
  • Surgery, Transplants and Health Technologies.

Rückblick – Spende-20Eduardo López-Collazo (Scientific director) receives the donation from Dr. Matthias Meier (Director of igus® Spain)

We wish all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Review – Donation-19

We stayed another day in Porto which is also the location of igus® Portugal. Therefore, we visited our colleagues to be part of the donation.

Rückblick – Spende-19The team of igus® Portugal with Mónica Nicolau (Financier of CASA Porto) and Pedro Vilas-Boas (Managing Director of igus® Portugal) holding the cheque

We donated 1600 Euro the “Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo” (CASA) in Porto. This organization takes care of homeless peopleby providing food every day.

All the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Review – Donation-18

After the conference of igus® at the exhibition in Milan, we did the donation. We gave 3200 Euro to “Il Grappolo” which is located close to igus® Italy and takes care about elder people and disabled children. About 130 volunteers with 12 vehicles ensure that they get to the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and work safely.

Rückblick – Spende-18Left to right: Giulio Ferrante (Product manager iglidur®), A volunteer of Il Grappolo, Chiara Fumagalli (igus® Italy), Me,Giancarlo Visigalli (CEO of Il Grappolo), Sergio Villa (Managing Director of igus® Italy)

We wish you all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Review – Donation-17

After our tour through Bulgaria, igus® and Hennlich donated 1043 Lev together to the Bulgarian Food Bank. The food banking system captures extra food which would be wasted otherwise and delivers it to the people who need it the most. With our donation, we support people who were affected by flooding in Bulgaria.

Rückblick - Spende-17Left to right: Stefan Kolyutov (Hennlich BG), Ivo Traykov (igus® Bulgaria) and Tsanka Milanova (Managing director of Bulgarian food bank)

We wish you all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Review – Donation-16

After our event in Croatia together with Hennlich, we went to the “Kuca ljubavi” of Caritas Zagrebacke nadbiskupije in Zagreb. Ivana and her colleagues take care of young mothers and their children by supporting them in all aspects of life. Therefore, money is needed because even the basic things like diapers cost a lot. 6000 kn were donated directly to this institution by Hennlich and igus®.

Rückblick - Spende-16Me, Paulo Braz (igus® Germany), Ivana Hemen (Caritas Zagrebacke nadbiskupije), Ivan Vugrin (Hennlich d.o.o.)

Take care,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew


Before we leave the country, we want to give something back and went to TOHUM which is the Autism Turkey Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation in Istanbul. We had a look around the beautiful area where children are educated specially and donated 2500 TL together with our retailer Hidrel to support this foundation.

Spende-15Left to right: Betül Selcen Özer (Tohum Otizm Vakfi), Selcuk Özkul (Hidrel), Eren Aydin (igus® Germany) and Irem Kitaplioglu (Hidrel)


Our last appointment in Romania was the visit of “Copii in Dificultate”. It is an organisation which takes care of young disabled children who need special care. As in every country, we want to give something back and we decided to help this organisation. We donated 1000 Euro.

Spende-13Left to right: Francisc Stein (SC Hennlich SRL), Valentina Zaharia (Executive Director of Copii in Dificultate) and Paulo Braz (igus® Germany)


The press conference and charity event took place at our Hungarian subsidiary in Budapest. The journalists were informed about the company and iglidur® on tour. Furthermore, people asked questions and were curious to see the iglidur®-car. Finally, the cheque of 300.000 HUF was hand over.

Spende-12Left to right: Krisztian Karasz (igus® Hungary) and Herr Ervin Smrcz (Heim Pál Gyermekkórház Fejlesztéséért Alapítvány)

igus® Hungary donates 300.000 HUF to the children’s hospital “Heim Pál Gyermekkórház Fejlesztéséért Alapítvány” which takes children with cancer.

We wish all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew


PS: Some more impressions by TransPack


igus® Poland donated 3000 Euro based on our 3000 km to Osrodek Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny “Kolo” in Warsaw. This organization takes care of children without parents. Elzbieta Miazek received the money from the Managing Director of igus® Poland, Marek Wzorek.

Spende-10Marek Wzorek (igus® Poland) and Elzbieta Miazek (Director of the Orphanage)

Afterwards, we went bowling and aet a special cake. Yummy!



As usual, igus® donates one Euro per driven kilometer and so did igus® Sweden. The total amount of 2355 Euro was given to “Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus” which takes care of homeless people. Mr. Anderberg visited the headquarter of igus® Sweden and received the cheque.

Spende-93rd from left: Björn O. Anderberg (Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus), Team igus® Sweden/Denmark