Review – Application – Thorax Trainer

In Denmark, we paid a brief visit to the Scandinavian cross-country skiing specialist Thorax Trainer, which brings the trails into customers’ homes with its ingenious sports equipment (also named the Thorax Trainer). The athlete in training moves the poles in the same manner as when cross-country skiing outdoors; the motion sequences and workout intensity are extremely realistic. And this is precisely what the Thorax Trainer developers focused on achieving.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax TrainerWhen driving the iglidur®-car all the way across Europe, it is good to get in a couple of kilometres on the Thorax Trainer.

We tested a new Thorax Trainer model. The resistance is generated by a flywheel, similar to that which is used on spinning bikes. The force transfer essentially occurs via the conventional cross-country skiing poles. The ingenious part about the design is in the detail – on the new version, each of the poles is attached to a drylin®-W double rail with a carriage.
The maintenance-free, self-lubricating material from igus® makes the machines extremely quiet running and, as we have heard from experienced skiers, offers a realistic sense of being out in the snow. This is a huge advantage over the standardised ball bearing guide rails used to date.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax Trainer.2The top picture shows a standardised ball bearing guide rail (left) and a drylin®-W double rail, which replicates the feeling of snow (right). The bottom picture provides a close-up of the carriage.

In 2013, the Thorax Trainer developers won a competition for the best plastic plain bearing applications. Their creative design led to them receiving the Gold manus® award. And quite rightly so, we believe.

We would like to thank the Thorax Trainer team for the welcome opportunity to get a little exercise. Keep up the good work and always stay active.

Kind regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-team

Pictures of the day!-259

Because the Scandinavian tour is over, we took off the moose sticker. Therefore, our iglidur®-car is ready for the next stop: Poland!

Pictures of the day!-259I’m so sorry little moose but you have to go.

We left Berlin and drove towards Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland. However, before we crossed the border, we stopped to look back on what we have experienced so far…

Pictures of the day!-259.2We enjoy the moment.

Ok, it is time to continue and start our trip through Poland.

Pictures of the day!-259.3We are about to cross the border to Poland.

Let’s go!

Picture of the day!-257

At the last day in Denmark, we visited two customers and drove to Billund finally. Here one can visit the famous amusement park “Legoland”. Unfortunately, it was closed due to the off-season and thus, we deceided to say “Good bye” because tomorrow we will drive to Germany.

Picture of the day!-257Motion plastics® are known around the world…

Picture of the day!-256

During our tour, we have several press conferences and so in Copenhagen. The Managing Director of igus® Sweden, Ralf Kabus, introduced igus® and iglidur® on tour to the journalists. An other topic was the dry-tech®-box because it attracts attention wherever it is.

Picture of the day!-256Ralf Kabus explains the dry-tech®-box.

Afterwards, we visited three customers which manufacture sport equipment, windows and valves. At the end, we drove to our final stop in Denmark, Aarhus.

Pictures of the day!-255

Welcome to Denmark!
We spent the day in Kopenhagen to do some sightseeing and started with the Öresund Bridge which we crossed the night before. It is the longest bridge with a railway and motorway in combination and connects Sweden and Denmark by a total length of 7.8 km. We took a photo close to the beach but the bridge was too far away.

Pictures of the day!-255The iglidur®-car can not see the Öresund Bridge but the beach.

We continued towards Copenhagen center but searching for the smallest landmark in the world – The Little Mermaid. This statue is made out of bronze, displayed on a rock by the waterside and based on the same name fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen.

Pictures of the day!-255.2The dry-tech®-box visited the “Den lille Havfrue”.

In the city center, we wanted to visit the Tivoli which is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Denmark. However, it was closed due to reconstruction until April 2015.Pictures of the day!-255.3Unfortunately, it is closed …

Furthermore, we found the Amalienborg which is the home of the Danish royal family during the winter. In the middle of the octagonal courtyard is the monumental statue of King Frederick V who founded the Amalienborg.

Pictures of the day!-255.4In the background, one can find Frederik’s Curch.

This will be the last photo with Oliver and Dirk because they will leave soon to get back to Germany. They joined us for the tour through Sweden only and we wish them a safe trip home. We had a lot of fun!

Bye bye,
Karl, Nils and Sandor

Pictures of the day!-247

New year but still the same team. Reunion of the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Reunion of the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

With the New Year’s Eve in Berlin in the back, we drove about 800 km to Hirthals in Denmark.

Pictures of the day!-247Welcome to Denmark!

On the way, the wind was strong enough to give our iglidur®-car a good shake. Due to the weather, we had to catch the ferry in Frederikshavn which takes us to Stavanger in Norway.

Pictures of the day!-247.2We made it to the ferry and now we are on our way to Stavanger in Norway.