Let me take a short step back to Austria.

At the end of our trip, igus® Austria celebrated the 50th anniversary of igus® in the cinema of Regau. A highlight was the donation of 1,500 Euro to “46-1, Down Syndrom”.

Left to right: Dieter Bencer (igus® Austria), Birgit Brunsteiner (46-1, Down Syndrom), Christoph Föttinger (igus® Austria)


“46-1, Down Syndrom” was founded in 2010 and supports parents and their affected children. Finally, this organisation wants to raise the community its awareness because people with the Down Syndrom have a higher ability than most people think.

We wish all the best,
Karl, Nils and Sandor


More information:

Application – WP Performance Systems GmbH

During our stay in Austria, we visited the suspension and frame division of WP Performance Systems GmbH.

Anwendung - WP Performance Systems GmbHExperts of WP Performance Systems GmbH and igus® Austria in front of a high-end racing motorcycle


The company is one of the leading European manufacturers, which produces individual components of power sports products like motorcycles. With the aim to enable outstanding performance made for racing with a high level of safety, WP Performance Systems is powered by innovation and efficiency. High quality products satisfy customers for a long time like suspensions.

Anwendung - WP Performance Systems GmbH.2
High approximation of a WP suspension (left) as a simple piston and rod mechanism with damping property (right)


A rigid connection between frame and wheel would transmit forces directly. Therefore, driving would be uncomfortable, goods could be damaged and the strain of the material increases. Suspensions are used to minimize vibrations and suddenly occurring high loads, i.e. impacts due to rough terrain while driving a car, bike or motorcycle. There are many ways to design a suspension and realizing the damping property. The former depends on the application and the ladder can be realized by various approaches. High-end solutions are adjustable and allow the customer to adapt to the current situation. Nevertheless, the mechanism is fixed between frame and wheel and can be approximated as a simple piston and rod mechanism. Therefore, the rod needs to be supported by bearings inside the piston to guarantee smooth movement.

Two iglidur® piston rings inside a rod and piston mechanism: Left – disassembled [1], right – assembled [2]


igus® offers iglidur® piston rings which are designed especially for a rod and piston mechanism. As it can be seen in the figure above, the rings are slotted and can be put into the grooves without any further axial fixation. Therefore, the design is simplified which enables faster manufacturing and assembly. In addition, no lubrication is necessary.

Anwendung - WP Performance Systems GmbH.3The iglidur®-car visited WP Performance Systems GmbH and had a great time with a lot of interesting talks.


All in all, the piston rings of igus® reduce the overall costs and increase lifetime due to the specialized material and design.

We want to thank WP Performance Systems for the great hospitality and the interesting talks we had based on different applications.


All the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew






Review Austria

The first stop of “iglidur® on tour” through Europe was Austria. We spent 7 days in Austria and traveled from Linz and Vienna via Graz and Salzburg to the igus® Austria headquarter in Ampflwang.

The weekend, we arrived at Vienna, the capital of Austria and had a look around the beautiful city. During the night, we discovered the illuminated city center and the historic buildings like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace or the State Opera. The next day we rent some bikes and took the dry-tech®-box with us. We explored Vienna during a sunny day, ate a traditional Wiener Schnitzel, sweets from the Naschmarkt and relaxed in the city park.

At the beginning of the week, we had our first press conference of the tour at the Wiener Prater. This is a public area of the large amusement park which includes the famous steel ferris wheel. The Journalists came to inform themselves about igus® and the tour of our car. After two rounds on the ferris wheel with a nice view above the Prater, the event ended with a delicious dinner at a restaurant close by.

In Graz, we visited the Uhrturm. This tower has two pointers which are different than it used to be. Years ago there was only one which indicated the time by pointing at the hours. Unfortunately, the tower is far away from the city and it was difficult to identify the exact time. Therefore, a second and smaller pointer was added to show the minutes. Therefore, the clock has two pointer today which work vice versa.

Salzburg is known for its history based on Mozart. His birthplace is a museum today and open to public. Furthermore, famous chocolate named Mozartkugeln can be brought everywhere and we tried it – very good.

During the week, we visited a lot of automotive customers which develop various components like transmissions or suspensions. It was very interesting to see that igus®-products are used in a lot of applications and what challenges the customers meet.

The charity event and the 50th anniversary of igus® was celebrated in the cinema of Regau. About 200 friends joined the party, watched the new “iglidur® on tour”-film and the comedy “Winterkartoffelknödel”. Finally, igus® Austria donated 1,600 Euro to “46-1 – down syndrom” and the event was recorded by a local TV channel as well. Click here!

At the end of our trip through Austria, we visited the headquarter of igus® Austria in Ampflwang before leaving on the way to the Netherlands. Our movie provides an insight into what we have done and where we have been.

We want to thank all the people from igus® Austria for their great hospitality. Moreover, we appreciate the engagement of the sales force because they showed us their country and invited us to special touristic spots.

All the best from the “iglidur® on tour”-crew!
Karl, Nils and Sandor

Application – KTM Technologies GmbH

Last week we visited KTM Technologies GmbH in Anif/Salzburg.

Anwendung - KTM Technolgies GmbHOur iglidur®-car stands next to the “X-Bow”. Experts discovering new igus®-products in the back.


KTM Technologies is a service company focusing on concept development, design, simulation, prototyping and consulting. Based on creativity, innovative methodology and experience, high level solutions will be created for the customers of different sectors. One famous development is the carbon-fibre-reinforced-plastic (CFRP) sports car “X-Bow”.

The CFRP sports car “X-Bow” [1]


The aim was to develop a two-seated roadster with the best power to weight ratio as possible. Therefore, a lightweight design is essential. The lighter the car the less energy is required to accelerate to a certain velocity in comparison to a heavier car. That is why materials like plastics become more and more popular. igus®-products are up to 7 times lighter than similar metal components.

iglidur® is up to 7 times lighter than similar metal components. [2]


KTM Technologies used igus®-products for the “X-Bow”. The following figure summarizes the three different applications.

Anwendung - KTM Technolgies GmbH.2View inside the cockpit of the “X-Bow” (Bearings are highlighted): Top left – iglidur®-bearing to support the steering wheel, Bottom left – igubal® with steel calotte connects door opening spring and chassis, Right – Two iglidur®-bearings create hinge-joint of frame to door


On the one hand iglidur®-bearings were used to support the steering wheel and the door. They ensure low-friction turning of the steering wheel and opening of the door. On the other hand a igubal®-bearing connects the spring of the door to the frame of the car. Because the spherical bearing allows angular movement, the spring can act during the whole movement which result in a smooth opening.

All in all, the edition is limited to 100 cars at a starting price of 50,000 Euro. Each car has 240 PS and accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h within 3.9 s.

Anwendung - KTM Technolgies GmbH.3The iglidur®-car visited engineers and designers of KTM Technologies.


We want to thank KTM Technologies for their hospitality and the unique opportunity to have a closer look at the “X-Bow”.

All the best,

igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew



[1], visited on 27.10.14

[2], visited on 28.10.14