Pictures of the day!-314

Welcome to the Hannover Messe 2015!
We spent the whole week at the exhibition and celebrated with over 8000 visitors the end of “iglidur® on tour”. The iglidur®-car was positioned close to the igus® booth with a large screen in the back and the long slotcar track to its right. The former showed videos of our tour while the latter was used to drive around a world made out of iglidur®-bearings with small iglidur®-slotcars.

Pictures of the day!-314One more week with our beauty

Pictures of the day!-314.2Everybody can drive around the world

Pictures of the day!-314.33…2…1…Go!

Pictures of the day!-314.4head-to-head race

During the week, a lot of visitors joined us at the exhibition to get to know igus®, the 155 new products and iglidur® on tour. In addition, students from all over the country stopped at our booth to listen to our stories, to get some merchandise and to beat the highscore at our slotcar track.

Pictures of the day!-314.5Groups of international people and …

Pictures of the day!-314.6… students of Tec2You stopped at our booth frequently

Furthermore, it was possible to inspect the original parts of our compact car. At first, the components were dismounted and checked if there are any failures. After the journey around the world and through Europe, everything was working fine and no bearings were missing. The orange spots indicate the positions where our iglidur®-bearings were implemented.

Pictures of the day!-314.7Throttle valve, alternator and car seat

Pictures of the day!-314.8Convertible roof, hand break, gear shift and break pedal

Pictures of the day!-314.9Windscreen wiper and window lifter

In the next step, the bearings will be measured and analyzed. The exact and final results will be published as soon as possible.
The press conference was another part of the exhibition. The CEO of igus® Germany, Frank Blase, welcomed over 40 journalists and the general managers of bearings, e-chains® and chainflex® presented the new developments and innovations.

Pictures of the day!-314.10Frank Blase (CEO of igus® Germany) opens the press conference with good news

To honor innovations from all over the world based on iglidur®-bearings, the 7th manus® competition took place and the awards were hand over to the winners.

  1. Medical assistance system – Leibniz Universität Hannover, Jan-Philipp Kobler, Hannover, Germany
  2. Smoothing machine – Mai International GmbH, David Kampitsch, Feistritz/Drau, Austria
  3. 3D printing machine – Aerosud ITC, Marius Vermeulen, Pierre van Ryneveld, South Africa

Pictures of the day!-314.11The winners of the 7th manus® competition

All in all, it was a great exhibition for igus®, the booth was always packed with visitors and everybody had a good time. Thanks to all the people of igus® – sales force and hostesses!

Pictures of the day!-314.12Our igus® exhibiton hostesses – Thanks for the great service!

The Hannover Messe was the final stop of “iglidur® on tour” and this is where everything comes to an end…

Pictures of the day!-314.13One car to celebrate 30 years of iglidur® across the world …

Pictures of the day!-314.14… and three guys to keep records.

In the following and final post, I will sum everything up and say goodbye.

Pictures of the day!-313

We spent our last days traveling from Freiberg to Cologne via Bensheim. On the way, we visited several customers of different industries like automotive or medical industry. At the beginning of April and after 14 months and over 100,000 km, our iglidur®-car arrived back in Cologne at the igus® headquarter.

Pictures of the day!-313A warm welcome with Gehard Baus (General manager iglidur®-bearings, igus Germany)

After the photoshooting, we gave the keys to Michael Krug because he will take care of the iglidur®-car and prepare everything for the final exhibition. Therefore, we take one week off to drive home to see our friends and family but we will be back at the Hannover Messe 2015 to celebrate the end of the tour and to present the final results!

Pictures of the day!-313.2

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax Trainer

Wir waren auf einen kurzen Besuch bei Thorax Trainer in Dänemark. Mit ihrem gleichnamigen Sportgerät holen die skandinavischen Skilanglauf-Spezialisten die Loipe ins Wohnzimmer. Der trainierende Athlet bewegt hierbei die Stöcke wie bei einem Langlauf in der freien Natur, Bewegungsablauf und Belastungsintensität sind extrem realistisch. Und genau darauf haben die Entwickler des Thorax Trainer ihre Anstrengungen gerichtet.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax TrainerWenn man mit dem iglidur®-Mobil quer durch Europa fährt, sind ein paar Kilometer auf dem Thorax Trainer zwischendurch ganz gut.

Wir haben einen neuartigen Thorax Trainer getestet. Der Widerstand wird über ein Schwungrad erzeugt, ähnlich denen, wie sie bei Spinning-Bikes zum Einsatz kommen. Die Kraftübertragung erfolgt im Prinzip über handelsübliche Langlaufstöcke. Der Clou der Konstruktion steckt im Detail, denn die Stöcke werden in der neuen Version jeweils mit einem Schlitten auf einer drylin®-W-Doppelschiene montiert. Das wartungsfreie, selbstschmierende Material von igus® sorgt ür einen ganz leisen Lauf und, wie uns erfahrene Skilangläufer berichten, ein echtes Schneegefühl. Das bringt einen Vorteil gegenüber der bislang verwendeten standardisierten Führungsschiene auf Kugelumlauf-Basis.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax Trainer.2Das Bild oben zeigt (links) eine standardisierte Führungsschiene auf Kugelumlauf-Basis und (rechts) eine drylin®-W­Doppelschiene, die das Gefühl auf Schnee wiedergibt. Auf dem unteren Bild ist der Schlitten aus der Nähe zu sehen. 

2013 gewannen die Macher von Thorax Trainer einen Wettbewerb für die besten Kunststoff-Gleitlager‐Anwendungen. Ihre kreative Konstruktion brachte ihnen den Goldenen manus®-Award ein. Zu Recht, wie wir finden.

Wir bedanken uns beim Team von Thorax Trainer für die willkommene Trainingsmöglichkeit. Macht weiter so. Und immer in Bewegung bleiben.

Viele Grüße,
igus® und das “iglidur® on tour”-Team

Review – Application – Thorax Trainer

In Denmark, we paid a brief visit to the Scandinavian cross-country skiing specialist Thorax Trainer, which brings the trails into customers’ homes with its ingenious sports equipment (also named the Thorax Trainer). The athlete in training moves the poles in the same manner as when cross-country skiing outdoors; the motion sequences and workout intensity are extremely realistic. And this is precisely what the Thorax Trainer developers focused on achieving.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax TrainerWhen driving the iglidur®-car all the way across Europe, it is good to get in a couple of kilometres on the Thorax Trainer.

We tested a new Thorax Trainer model. The resistance is generated by a flywheel, similar to that which is used on spinning bikes. The force transfer essentially occurs via the conventional cross-country skiing poles. The ingenious part about the design is in the detail – on the new version, each of the poles is attached to a drylin®-W double rail with a carriage.
The maintenance-free, self-lubricating material from igus® makes the machines extremely quiet running and, as we have heard from experienced skiers, offers a realistic sense of being out in the snow. This is a huge advantage over the standardised ball bearing guide rails used to date.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Thorax Trainer.2The top picture shows a standardised ball bearing guide rail (left) and a drylin®-W double rail, which replicates the feeling of snow (right). The bottom picture provides a close-up of the carriage.

In 2013, the Thorax Trainer developers won a competition for the best plastic plain bearing applications. Their creative design led to them receiving the Gold manus® award. And quite rightly so, we believe.

We would like to thank the Thorax Trainer team for the welcome opportunity to get a little exercise. Keep up the good work and always stay active.

Kind regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-team

Rückblick – Polen

Wir starteten auf der Halbinsel Hel und fuhren 3700 km durch Polen bis zu unserem Zielort, Warschau. Im Großen und Ganzen lernten wir eine andere Kultur kennen und besuchten vor allem viele Kunden. Zu guter Letzt, trafen wir den polnischen Smart Club in Warschau und fuhren alle Sehenswürdigkeiten ab. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung und das folgende Video fasst es zusammen!

Ein großes Dankeschön an alle polnischen Kollegen für die großzügige Gastfreundschaft und die tolle Woche!


Review – Poland

We started at the peninsula Hel and drove 3700 km through Poland to our final stop which was Warsaw. All in all, we experienced a different culture and visited a lot of customers. At the end, we met the Polish Smart Klub and did a sight-seeing tour through Warsaw. The following video sums it up!

A big thanks to everybody who was involved in the tour through Poland and their great hospitality!


Rückblick – Spende-20

Wie in jedem Land von “iglidur® on tour”, geben wir auch in dem Letzten, Spanien, etwas zurück. Wir spendeten, nach unserer spanischen Pressekonferenz, 4000 Euro an IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz). Dieses Institut forscht mit insgesamt 48 Teams im biomedizinischen und gesundheitlichen Bereich. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf folgenden Forschungsgebieten:

  • Neurowissenschaft
  • Herz-Kreislauf-System
  • Infektionskrankheiten und Immunität
  • Epidemien
  • Krebs und Genetik
  • Operation, Transplantation und Gesundheitstechnologien

Rückblick – Spende-20Eduardo López-Collazo (Naturwissenschaftlicher Leiter des Institut) erhält die Spende von Dr. Matthias Meier (Geschäftsführer von igus® Spanien)

Wir wünschen nur das Beste,
igus® und die “iglidur® on tour”-Crew

Review – Donation-20

As in every country of “iglidur® on tour”, we gave something back to the last country too – Spain. We donated 4000 Euro after our Spanish press conference to IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz) which is an institute for health and biomedical research. It has 48 research groups that focus their activities on six major areas:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular
  • Infectious Diseases and Immunity
  • Large System Diseases
  • Cancer and human molecular Genetics
  • Surgery, Transplants and Health Technologies.

Rückblick – Spende-20Eduardo López-Collazo (Scientific director) receives the donation from Dr. Matthias Meier (Director of igus® Spain)

We wish all the best,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

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