Review – Donation-16

After our event in Croatia together with Hennlich, we went to the “Kuca ljubavi” of Caritas Zagrebacke nadbiskupije in Zagreb. Ivana and her colleagues take care of young mothers and their children by supporting them in all aspects of life. Therefore, money is needed because even the basic things like diapers cost a lot. 6000 kn were donated directly to this institution by Hennlich and igus®.

Rückblick - Spende-16Me, Paulo Braz (igus® Germany), Ivana Hemen (Caritas Zagrebacke nadbiskupije), Ivan Vugrin (Hennlich d.o.o.)

Take care,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour”-crew

Pictures of the day!-285

It is Saturday and we have our big event today. Over 100 people were invited and it was open to public. Everybody who is interested in igus® was more than welcome to join us. With our “iglidur® on tour”-booth, hot vine and our iglidur®-car in position, we were ready for the customers to come.

Pictures of the day!-28550 years of igus® in one bag

Pictures of the day!-285.2There is always something to discover

Pictures of the day!-285.3Open to everybody who is interested

To finish this event, we had lunch all together in a restaurant. We had a great time, perfect weather and met a lot of friendly people. Unfortunately, it was time to say: “Goodbye!” because we have booked a hotel in Venice, Italy.

Pictures of the day!-285.4Goodbye Slovenia

Pictures of the day!-284

We arrived safely in Maribor and visited customers of different industries during the day. In the evening, we went to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and on top of the hill where the castle is located.

Pictures of the day!-284Taking a break 

Pictures of the day!-284.2The dry-tech®-box and me visiting the Ljubljana castle

After our first night in the capital and another two customers during the following day, we spend the afternoon at the lake Bled. The sun was shining and it felt like spring has come around. Nevertheless, it was too cold to go swimming.

Pictures of the day!-284.3The lake Bled 

It is a very popular tourist destination because of its beautiful landscape, island and castle. The ladder is more than 1000 years old and therefore, the oldest Slovenian castle.

Pictures of the day!-284.4The view from the the castle of Bled above the lake Bled.

Furthermore, it is said that if one has a wish, one should go to the church on the island and ring the bell to let the wish come true.

Pictures of the day!-284.5Due to the fog, it is hard to see but there is an island with a church on it.

Finally, we called it a day and went to our hotel in Ljubljana. Have a nice evening.

Rückblick – Anwendung – Oceaneering

Bei Oceaneering International Services in Norwegen sind wir in die Tiefen der Weltmeere abgetaucht. Nicht körperlich zwar, aber in Gedanken haben wir rasch die neuen Hallen des Unternehmens verlassen und uns, gleich einem Stück Treibgut der Strömung, den interessanten Erläuterungen der Unterwasserexperten hingegeben.
Oceaneering ist auf Unterwasser-Einsätze mit sogenannten Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV), besser bekannt als Unterwasser-Roboter, spezialisiert. Bei der Erschließung eines Ölfeldes sind ROV-Systeme meist als erste Maschine am Meeresboden. Das System wird von den Piloten von einem Kontrollraum aus gesteuert, um die Anker für die Plattform zu setzen. Dann wird via Monitoren der Seeboden begutachtet bevor alle weiteren Arbeiten starten können. Oceaneering kann dabei alle Unterwasserarbeiten unterstützen, von der reinen Begutachtung des Geländes über die Installation von unterseeischem Equipment bis hin zu Bohrungen. Jedes ROV-System wird von einer Oceaneering Crew aus einem Fahrzeug oder einem Kontrollraum an der Oberfläche manövriert.

Gewissermaßen die Garage des Unterwasserroboters, der über das gelbe Kabel mit Energie versorgt wird (Tether). Die bewegliche Spule wird über das DryLin®-Linearlager geführt

Der Roboter startet seine Expedition in einer Art Garage, die sich fest unterhalb eines Bootes oder einer Aufhängung befindet. Über ein Kabel bleibt der Roboter während seines gesamten Einsatzes mit der Garage verbunden, um mit Energie versorgt zu werden und um die gewonnenen Daten zu übertragen. Damit sich das Verbindungskabel immer mittig der Garage abspult, muss die Spule beweglich sein. Diese Problemstellung unter Wasser brachte die Konstrukteure dazu, auf selbstschmierende, korrosionsfreie und damit offshore liebende DryLin®-Linearlager zu setzen. Natürlich fällt auch die Wartung weg.

Die Schiene hat bereits Rost angesetzt, der Gleitfolie von igus® macht das nichts aus. Das Material ist schmutzresistent, hat einen selbstreinigenden Effekt und steckt das weg

Bei dem ROV ist es ein bisschen wie bei einem Baby im Bauch der Mutter, wobei die Mutter das Schiff und die Garage die Plazenta wäre. Über die Nabelschnur (gelbes Kabel) bleibt das Baby mit der Mutter verbunden und wird mit allen Nährstoffen versorgt.

Rückblick - Anwendung - OceaneeringKorrosionsfreie, selbstschmierende Lagertechnik aus Tribopolymeren ist der natürliche Freund eines jeden Unterwasserroboters (links oben zu sehen)

Wir bedanken uns für die Einblicke in die Unterwasserwelt und wünschen weiterhin erfolgreiche Expeditionen.

Beste Grüße,
igus® und das “iglidur® on tour”-Team

Review – Application – Oceaneering

At Oceaneering AS in Norway, we are submerged in the depths of the oceans. We quickly take leave, not physically, but mentally, of the new halls of the company and surrender, like a piece of floating debris in the current, to the interesting explanations of the underwater experts.
Oceaneering is specialised in subsea operations by use of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) (also known as underwater robots). At the subsea worksite of an oilfield, the ROV system is normally the first thing into the sea. ROV pilots direct the ROV from a control room to set the rig’s anchors. Then the ROV crew surveys the seabed to oversee the environment and monitor any obstructions before commencing work. Oceaneering support all kinds of subsea work, from site inspection to subsea equipment installation and drilling tasks. Each ROV system is maneuvered by the Oceaneering crew from a control room or van on the surface asset.

Virtually, the garage of the underwater robot, which is supplied with energy via the yellow cable (tether). The movable coil is guided via the drylin® linear bearings.

The ROV starts his expedition in a kind of garage, which is launched from a boat or rig. The robot remains connected to the garage throughout its use via a cable, in order to be supplied with energy and to transmit the acquired data. This means that for the connection cable to always unwind in the centre of the garage, the coil must be movable. This problem under water compelled the designers to rely on selflubricating, corrosion-free and thus offshore-compatible drylin® linear bearings. Of course, the maintenance is dispensed with.

The rail has already rusted, but it does not do anything to the liner from igus®. The material is dirtresistant, has a self-cleaning effect and does not get much affected.

The ROV is a bit like a baby in the womb, whereby the mother is the ship and the garage would be the placenta. The baby remains with the mother and is supplied with all the nutrients through the umbilical cord (yellow cable).

Rückblick - Anwendung - OceaneeringCorrosion-free, self-lubricating bearing technology from tribo-polymers is the natural friend of every underwater robot (seen above left).

Thank you for the insight into the underwater world and wish you successful expeditions further on.

Warm regards,
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour” team

Pictures of the day!-283

Yesterday, we spent the day in Belgrade and enjoyed the sunshine. In the evening, we started the engines and drove 360 km to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. There will be the press event tomorrow with our retailer Hennlich.

Pictures of the day!-283Welcome to Croatia after 501 km on Serbian roads

At the next day, Ivan Vugrin from Hennlich introduced igus® and iglidur® on tour to the customers and journalists. Afterwards, everybody had the chance to get our products and free samples in their hands.

Pictures of the day!-283.2Customers discovering igus®-products

Pictures of the day!-283.3Questions and answers

Pictures of the day!-283.4Consultation on the spot

Pictures of the day!-283.5All together: igus®, iglidur® on tour and Hennlich

Finally, we went to Zagreb to do some sightseeing and to get to know the city. First, we stopped at the square of King Tomislav. He became the first King of the Croatian Kingdom by the year of 925. In the middle of the square, one will see a monument in his honor.

Pictures of the day!-283.6The square of King Tomislav

Afterwards, we went to the Cathedral of Zagreb. Its spires can be seen from far away because it is the tallest building in Croatia.

Pictures of the day!-283.7
The main cathedral of Zagreb

Pictures of the day!-283.8The iglidur®-car driving through the model of Zagreb

In the evening, we left Croatia with 416 km on the odometer and drove towards, Maribor in Slovenia.

Pictures of the day!-283.9
We are ready for Slovenia!

Pictures of the day!-282

Today, we had our event at the Business Development Centre of the South East European University. We were a bit nervous when we saw all these people arriving. Nevertheless, we were well prepared and had a lot of interesting talks afterwards. Here are some impressions:

Pictures of the day!-282So many people what to get to know igus®

Pictures of the day!-282.2Introduction of Hennlich by Halime and Elizabeta

Pictures of the day!-282.3Paulo Braz (igus® Germany) introduces igus®

Pictures of the day!-282.4As usual, everybody wants to …

Pictures of the day!-282.5… get to know our products

Pictures of the day!-282.6Left to right: Paulo (igus® Germany), Nils, Halime (Hennlich), Me, iglidur®-car, Sandor, Elizabeta (Hennlich), Dritan Qamili (Hennlich)

Pictures of the day!-282.7Thank you for spending your time with us

The event was successful and afterwards, we went to the Xhamia e Larme which is the famous decorated mosque in Tetovo from 1495. It is a famous landmark because of its beautiful colors and decoration.

Pictures of the day!-282.8
Xhamia e Larme in Tetovo, Macedonia

In the evening, we were on the road again to get to our next destination which was Belgrade, Serbia. Therefore, we had to cross the border again after 210 km through Macedonia. We arrived around 11:30 pm and booked a massage for the next day immediately. Good night.

Pictures of the day!-281

Last night we arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria. We stopped there to be refreshed for the final ride to Macedonia.

Pictures of the day!-281Good morning Sofia.

We left Sofia around midday and continued our trip. We decided to drive through Serbia because our colleague from Macedonia, Dritan, will pick us up for the event. At the border of Serbia, the staff for passport control noticed our vignette of Bulgaria from a week ago.

“It is expired. You need to get a new one. 5 Euro please.”
“No problem. I would like to pay by credit card.”
“Sorry, this is not possible. Cash only.”

Imagine that you are traveling through Europe since 4 months with your pockets full of foreign currencies but no Euro…

“Puuh, is there a cash machine around here?”

Ok, last chance.
“Do you accept Turkish Lira?”

Afterwards, we even asked the drivers behind us but it was not successful. However, the lady of the border control felt sorry for us and let us go. Therefore, we left Bulgaria with a half-a-day-expired vignette. Thank you.

Pictures of the day!-281.2We crossed the border to Serbia.

Suddenly, the landscape changed and everything was covered in snow again. Nevertheless, the sun was shining. Sunglasses!

Pictures of the day!-281.3Beautiful white nature.

At the end of the day, we met Dritan and crossed the border to Macedonia without any problems. We drove to our hotel in Tetovo and had dinner before we went to bed. Let’s get some rest because there will be the big event with a lot of customers, professors and students tomorrow.

Pictures of the day!-281.4Welcome to Macedonia…


Bevor wir das Land verlassen, möchten wir noch etwas zurückgeben und besuchten deshalb eine Organisation namens TOHUM. Hier kümmert man sich um autistische Kinder bzgl. Früherkennung und Ausbildung. Das wollen wir unterstützen und spendeten gemeinsam mit unserem türkischen Händler Hidrel 2500 TL.

Spende-15Links nach rechts: Betül Selcen Özer (Tohum Otizm Vakfi), Selcuk Özkul (Hidrel), Eren Aydin (igus® Deutschland) und Irem Kitaplioglu (Hidrel)


Before we leave the country, we want to give something back and went to TOHUM which is the Autism Turkey Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation in Istanbul. We had a look around the beautiful area where children are educated specially and donated 2500 TL together with our retailer Hidrel to support this foundation.

Spende-15Left to right: Betül Selcen Özer (Tohum Otizm Vakfi), Selcuk Özkul (Hidrel), Eren Aydin (igus® Germany) and Irem Kitaplioglu (Hidrel)

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