Our donations so far…

iglidur-on-toudfsfsr-Map_gifEvery kilometer that the car travels on his journey is thereby converted into a 1€ donation, benefiting the charities in their respective countries.


The great adventure begins. After endless hours through customs at the New Delhi airport, the car can finally begin its tour along the Indian roads. More than 5000 kilometres were covered from New Delhi in the north to Bangalore in the south, visiting over 80 customers.

The iglidur® on tour in India donated 851.000 (INR) for the volunteer network “Make a Difference” for street children projects.


The tour of China presented us with the first test of patience: The approval from Beijing came only a few hours before the start. The route led from Shanghai to Quingdao on the Chinese Sea to Beijing and back again. Also more than 5000 km.

The iglidur® on tour China continues with a tour truck, after the iglidur® car left the country. They will donated about 51156.00 ¥ for the Hope Primary Schools in northwest china.

South Koreakorea_review_png_png

South Korea was the first country where our car could be presented without complications in record time. So there was enough time to drive through the length and breadth of the country for more than 3,300 kilometres. From the border with North Korea through Seoul, the city of millions, up to the southern tip of the South China Sea.

The iglidur® on tour in South Korea donated about 3 tons of rice for food stalls for the homeless in Incheon.


Although Taiwan is the smallest country on our world tour, our small car has nevertheless driven over 2700 km. On the way to the igus® customers, it went through thick rain forests and green rice fields, over more than 3,000-m-high mountain passes and through ultramodern cities. The iglidur® bearings operate without problems in tropical conditions with over 30 degrees and extreme humidity.

The iglidur® on tour in Taiwan donated 104.000 NT$ for two local organizations dedicated to the support of disabled children.


Japan was the last and the easternmost leg of our world tour in Asia. Our small car drove about 5200 km on the island nation. Typical to Japan: The tour was not only well planned in detail by the Japanese colleagues, the visits to the customers were punctual to the minute and also successful. After the complicated approval process, it went from the mega city of Tokyo up to the southernmost tip of Japan and passing along the famous Mount Fuji back to the north in the city of Sendai, which was hit by a tsunami very hard in 2011. Here, an amount for every kilometre covered was donated to an organisation helping affected children after the disaster.

The iglidur® on tour in Japan donated 711.000 ¥ to an organization that supports the education and schools of children who suffered from the tsunami disaster.


Our car is in South America, more specifically arrives in Brazil just in time for the World Cup. In addition to many emotional football experiences in the mega cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the tour went on to meet many customers. From the tropical north to the cold and wintry south at the border with Argentina. The enormous distances with sometimes extremely difficult road conditions were mastered by our car without problems. At the end over 6000 km were driven, and thereby a children’s hospital at the headquarters of igus® Brazil in Jundai could also rejoice about a great donation of € 1 for every kilometre.

The iglidur® on tour in Brazil donated 18.000 R$ for the children’s cancer ward of the hospital in Jundai.


For over two months, the igus® Inc. team carried out a mammoth effort of coordinating and executing a car tour from Anchorage Alaska to New York City, traveling through more than half of the 50 United States, and crossing across Canadian boundaries three times, totaling 13,670 miles. Along the way, the car stopped in to visit more than 40 of igus®’ current and potential customers, speaking with engineers about the true power of iglidur® plastic bearings, which are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The iglidur® on tour in the USA donated 13.370 $ for the organization “MS Society” in support of multiple sclerosis patients.


The iglidur® on tour in Austria donated 1.500 € for Down syndrome children.

“50 years of igus®” donation


At the Open House day in cologne, CEO Frank Blase gave a donation of 25.000 € to the tv actors Klaus J. Behrendt and Dietmar Bär. They founded the organization “Tatort – Straßen der Welt eV”, which helps disadvantaged children around the world. The amount represents the initial investment to found igus® by Günter Blase 50 years ago.


igus® Netherlands and Elcee (retailer of iglidur®-bearings) donated 2000€ to Opkikker. This is a foundation which organizes an Opkikkerdag (Opkikker-Day) every year. A day full of adventures for kids with chronic diseases and their families.

United Kingdomimage55

With the help of the Mayor of Northampton and his wife, igus® UK donated 2,500 Euro to Gosset Ward. It is located within Northampton General Hospital and specialized in neonatal intensive care. They look after premature babies and babies who need close care in the first few days of their lives.

France image654654654

igus® France donated 5,658 Euro to the Association des Paralysés de France (APF). This is an organisation which supports handicapped people by building special needs facilities and handicapped accessible workshops. The latter can be found in Orly which will use the money to built an EDP area for education.

Switzerland image6599294igus® Switzerland wanted to support a local organisation and found VEBO in Oensingen. It is an association which takes care of handicapped people and provides different handicapped accessible workshops, e.g. packaging, assembling or joinery. Therefore, these people can do different jobs which would be not possible otherwise. Moreover, igus® Switzerland donated 30 kg of rice due to 30 years of iglidur® and the fact that VEBO has its own canteen to cater the employees.

Norway image888997In Norway, the donation is done by the ASI Automatikk AS which is our retailer for igus®-products. 20 NOK will be donated for every kilometer driven. Within 3 days, we drove 910 km which was round up to 1000 km and multiplied by 20. Therefore, ASI Automatikk donated 20,000 NOK to the local hospital: Sorlandet Sykehus – Kristiansand. The department which takes care of the children will receive the money. The money is used to upgrade the outdoor playground and to buy new toys for the kids who can not leave their beds. Let’s put a smile on their faces!


As usual, igus® donates one Euro per driven kilometer and so did igus® Sweden. The total amount of 2355 Euro was given to “Frihamnen – Hemlösas Hus” which takes care of homeless people. Mr. Anderberg visited the headquarter of igus® Sweden and received the cheque.


igus® Poland donated 3000 Euro based on our 3000 km to Osrodek Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny “Kolo” in Warsaw. This organization takes care of children without parents. Elzbieta Miazek received the money from the Managing Director of igus® Poland, Marek Wzorek.


igus® Hungary donates 300.000 HUF to the children’s hospital “Heim Pál Gyermekkórház Fejlesztéséért Alapítvány” which takes children with cancer.


Our last appointment in Romania was the visit of “Copii in Dificultate”. It is an organisation which takes care of young disabled children who need special care. As in every country, we want to give something back and we decided to help this organisation. We donated 1000 Euro.


Before we leave the country, we want to give something back and went to TOHUM which is the Autism Turkey Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation in Istanbul. We had a look around the beautiful area where children are educated specially and donated 2500 TL together with our retailer Hidrel to support this foundation.


After our event in Croatia together with Hennlich, we went to the “Kuca ljubavi” of Caritas Zagrebacke nadbiskupije in Zagreb. Ivana and her colleagues take care of young mothers and their children by supporting them in all aspects of life. Therefore, money is needed because even the basic things like diapers cost a lot. 6000 kn were donated directly to this institution by Hennlich and igus®.



After the conference of igus® at the exhibition in Milan, we did the donation. We gave 3200 Euro to “Il Grappolo” which is located close to igus® Italy and takes care about elder people and disabled children. About 130 volunteers with 12 vehicles ensure that they get to the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and work safely.


We stayed another day in Porto which is also the location of igus® Portugal. Therefore, we visited our colleagues to be part of the donation.

We donated 1600 Euro the “Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo” (CASA) in Porto. This organization takes care of homeless people by providing food every day.



As in every country of “iglidur® on tour”, we gave something back to the last country too – Spain. We donated 4000 Euro after our Spanish press conference to IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Hospital Universitario La Paz) which is an institute for health and biomedical research.