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The last customer visit of “iglidur® on tour” led us into the Portuguese Canelas (Vila Nova de Gaia). There, Auto Ribeiro Lda manufactures and retrofits security and special-purpose vehicles. António Soares Ribeiro founded the company in 1976. Today it supplies more than 300 vehicles annually throughout Europe. Some of the transporters on the company grounds are so large that our iglidur® mobile would fit comfortably. When they are equipped, they serve, for example, as an ambulance or armoured car.
We are looking at a deployable armoured car up close. Inside we find one of our drylin® N low profile guide. The mechanism is driven by a motor. Advantages of our component over other solutions are the low space required, particularly in depth, as well as the vibrationdampening and self-lubricating properties. Because, once installed, the lock must function reliably.

 The locking mechanism with the drylin® N low profile guide

 The stretcher of the ambulance can be secured on a transport frame and detached again, thanks to the well thought out design with igubal® clevis joints, which requires only one person for handling.

Heroes of the street: While our iglidur® test car was travelling halfway across the world, the two ambulances from Auto Ribeiro were being equipped to save lives in the future

The “iglidur® on tour” team would like to thank Auto Ribeiro for the educational tour. It reminded us once again that perfection depends on every small detail.

All the best!
igus® and the “iglidur® on tour” team